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What You Need to Know When Replacing Your Rental’s Windows

10:38 am

In order for the property to attract good, long-term tenants, rental property owners should always maintain their rental property and keep it in good shape. Rental property maintenance is not limited to one thing. It involves the proper and smooth operation of several elements, including heating and cooling systems, elevators (if applicable), appliances, recycling and garbage disposal, plumbing, timely repairs, and other essentials. All those elements are relevant for tenants.

Doors, windows, carpets, foyers, gardens/patios, etc. also fall into the category of things that must be maintained by landlords. This is especially true if you want a good […]

Effective Showroom Layout, Samples Inspire Homeowners at Designer Door & Window

12:24 pm

Homeowners who visit the Plano, Texas showroom of Designer Door and Window (www.designerdw.com) are significantly impressed by a variety of well-positioned and displayed door and window designs and samples. Clients connect with the comfortable feel and roominess that enables them to gain a clear perspective of what will fit their home’s needs and family budget.

A showroom boasting comfortable spacing The Designer Door & Window team have put a lot of thought into what makes a showroom, feel comfortable and look attractive for it? visitors. For example, there is ample spacing between the various […]

Designer Door & Window Owner’s 2015 TV Appearance A Reminder to Protect Against Holiday Season Break-Ins

10:18 am

Steve Barron, the owner of Designer Door & Window, appeared on Dallas, Texas network affiliate WFAA Channel 8 a few years ago to discuss door security solutions for protecting against residential break-ins. Several suburban Plano residents had been victimized by thieves who gained entry by breaking builder’s grade glass doors to burglarize their homes.

WFAA reporter Jobin Panicker interviewed Mr. Barron on camera as a subject matter expert during one of the station’s evening news telecasts. The story was aired to educate the public about how simple it is for thieves to break a homeowner’s glass […]

First-Time and Repeat Customers Share Appreciation For Designer Door & Window Service

2:15 pm

First-Time and Repeat Customers
Share Appreciation

For Designer Door & Window

The growing list of
clients of Plano, Texas-based Designer Door &   Window includes several who are first-time
as well as repeat customers, and those who marvel at the outstanding customer
service at every stage of the purchasing, ordering and installation processes.

Fortunately, they don’t mind sharing their
appreciation and gratitude whenever they provide a customer testimonial for the
outstanding professionalism and support that is always part of every door and
window installation.

“… service both times were great […]

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