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Designer Door & Window Offers Summertime Window Design Ideas to Achieve a Fresh Look

1:13 pm

The summer season provides some exciting opportunities to decorate around your new replacement, custom windows and give your home a fresh, bright, new look. The professionals at Designer Door & Window are proud to offer you the following summer window design creations.

floating box

You can show off some
fresh purple pansies and soft ivy by building a handcrafted
window box.  Be sure to plant these
flowers in the shady spot of an attractive wood window box will to enable them
to survive the challenging hot summer temperatures.

Match up window box (Es […]

Let Spring “Sing” With Replacement Window Decor Ideas from Designer Door & Window

8:43 pm

The Spring can “sing” at your home when you use your touch
of creativity and imagination to highlight your new replacement windows from
Designer Door & Window. As the weather turns warmer and the flowers begin
to bloom, here are some springtime window decorating ideas that will enhance
your home’s beauty.

Use seasonal flora and bright, fresh

Visions of fresh light and compellingly bright colors highlight
the excitement and newness of Spring. You can create designs resplendent with
eye-catching flowers and plants, green grass, blue skies and the warm sun that
will appeal to the […]

Video DVD’s from Designer Door & Window Build Customers’ Confidence in Company’s Installers

11:25 am

Whenever a customer visiting the Designer Door & the Window showroom in Plano, Texas asks about the installation process of designer doors and/or windows, they are invited to watch a “film.”

         No, they aren’t treated to one of the filmdom’s finest. Instead, they may select their choice of two video presentations on DVD – one for doors and the other for windows. In some cases, they take in a double feature.

Installers are the stars

         Each production stars the company’s team of installers, reflecting how punctual and […]

Do Stuck Windows & Doors Mean Foundation Problems?

3:27 pm

Do you have problems opening and closing your doors or windows? Windows and doors getting stuck can be really annoying. 

There are many possible underlying reasons, but foundation issues are the most serious one. While you should definitely get a professional opinion on your particular situation, it pays to know about the different possibilities. 

In this article by Granite Foundation Repair, you’ll gain more understanding about stuck windows and doors and how the symptoms link to foundation issues.

What are the most common reasons for stuck windows and doors?

Foundation problems may not be the most typical reasons for […]

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